Keeping your alloys damage-free not only keeps your car looking great, but also helps the car maintain its residual value.
At The Body Stop NI, we aim to bring your car back to life by providing alloy wheel repairs and refurbishments that restore your wheels to showroom quality. 
Based conveniently in Portadown, we provide a one-stop alloy wheel service; whether you want repairs to buckled or cracked alloys, or a full factory refurbishment process, we can help improve the appearance of your car while increasing the value at the same time.
Bring your alloy wheels to us and quality and assurance are guaranteed, we provide all of the following for alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment:
  • Wheels inspected for buckles / flat spots and cracks
  • Wheels chemical dipped / paint stripped
  • Wheels Media Blasted to profile for new paint finishes
  • Wheels Powder Coated using high-quality Powders designed for the Alloy 
  • Wheel Refurbishment industry 
We guarantee high-quality results by providing this level of service, and our expert wheel refinishers are meticulous in their attention to detail.

Diamond Cut Alloys


Even though powder coating appears to be the most popular and durable alloy wheel refurbishment service, our accident repair centre has found that diamond cut finishes are also a very desired finish for car repair…

Many cars are fitted with diamond-cut finished wheels, and our accident repair centre can reproduce this finish. Diamond cutting is a very precise process and takes longer to reproduce than a powder coat refurbishment. The refurbishment of a diamond cut wheel is impossible to do as a touch-up as it requires the use of a lathe.

Corrosion in diamond-cut wheels is very common. Applying lacquer to a polished surface simply defies gravity, and therefore it is very difficult to achieve a long-lasting finish. When applying lacquer to a shiny surface, small stone chips allow water in behind the lacquer and in time cause the lacquer to deteriorate and appear cloudy.

Diamond cutting involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel, using specialist lathing equipment. Diamond-cut wheels can only be refurbished a number of times as too much alloy would eventually be removed. With our accident repair centre’s diamond cutting lathe, we will provide you with the highest quality finish and the quickest turnaround time. Diamond cutting can be applied to the full face and lip of the wheel, combined with an application of base coat paint can produce some spectacular finishes.

Many cars are fitted with diamond-cut alloy wheels. They are a desirable, shiny wheel finish, which can be applied to the full face and lip of the wheel.

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