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The Body Stop NI can proudly claim to be one of UK's most experienced and qualified installers of aftermarket car body kits

Everyone is unique and everyone has their own tastes fashion, style and appearance. Since the introduction of mass production for automobiles, we’ve been given only a few choices when purchasing a vehicle. Dealerships give you the option of the engine, color and the gadgets you’d like and maybe you’ll even receive alloy wheels or maybe not. There aren’t any options to customize your car right off the showroom, it’s left to aftermarket experts to come in.

In The Body Stop NI we don’t just love the bizarre We enjoy it! We offer complete vehicle design and body modification from simple body kits to the full racing style including roof vents, bonnet vents scoop, and spoiler. We’ve worked on motorsports and street vehicles and you can rest assured that we’re experts in our field.

Our vast knowledge of vehicle bodywork permits us to blend and form your body and style components on your car to look like it’s factory equipped’. The services for installing the body kit is the best method to turn your regular vehicle into a one of a distinctive.

We’re currently only offering an installation service for body kits You’ll have to shop for the kit that is best for you. Our suggestion when purchasing the vehicle kit, is to make sure that the seller you purchase from has a no-quibble return or exchange policy, as they aren’t original parts and therefore the fitting to your car could be quite different.

There are many companies that make aftermarket body kits and styling accessories, but some are superior than others. If you want to purchase the most reputable brands like Xenon, Rieger or Veilside. For body kits, the general rule is that the greater the amount you spend on the actual kit for your body, the lower your cost for fitting. High-end body kits are usually designed to fit directly on and therefore require less effort to install.

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The Body Stop NI offer a wide range of repair services for your car bodywork.


The Body Stop NI can proudly claim to be one of UK's most experienced and qualified installers of aftermarket car body kits


Keeping your alloys damage-free not only keeps your car looking great, but also helps the car maintain its residual value.


Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), is a method of repairing dents in a car's bodywork by reshaping the panel without using paint


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